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South Korean Team Wins DARPA Robotics Challenge
June 7, 2015

South Korean Team Wins DARPA Robotics Challenge 
Korean Robot Takes Home $2M Prize in DARPA Challenge

 South Korean Team Takes $2 Million Top Prize At DARPA 

www.fastcompany.com › Fast Company › technology

" At the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals in Pomona, California, on Friday, June 5, Running Man, from Team IHMC Robotics, steps out of its Polaris vehicle, earning it a point. During the two-day competition, 24 robots from six countries vied for the $2 million top prize--and bragging rights--that went to team whose robot did best on an eight-task course designed to inspire the creation of robots that can semi-autonomously perform rescue missions."

Fractal geometry: Finding the simple patterns in a complex ... 
Australian National University
"A mathematician has developed a new way to uncover simple patterns that might underlie apparently complex systems, such as clouds, cracks in materials or the movement of the stockmarket. The method, named fractal Fourier analysis, is based on new branch of mathematics called fractal geometry. The method could help scientists better understand the complicated signals that the body gives out, such as nerve impulses or brain waves."

"3-D printing is transforming everything from medicine to manufacturing, and creating a new industrial revolution.  3-D printing has revolutionized prosthetics—and it has the potential to do the same for dozens of other fields, from architecture to manufacturing to surgery. The rise of this astonishing technology."