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"Learners, Doers & Innovators of: Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math. Medicine."

If there are  trillion  ways in saying a simple,  "Thank you" to all of you who sacrificed your hearts and souls selflessly in building  
Our SUNS from a dream into a reality, then to each and everyone of these individuals, from the bottom of our hearts, you deserve a 
googolplexian of them,

Grandpa Clair-Tian Chang & 

Grandma Lin-Young Chang, 

who taught me what a female can do

Grandpa E-Bow Lin, 

who taught me the lasting value in fineness of workmanship

Grandma Melody Lei-Lee, 

who loved me more than herself

Captain Samuel (Ocean Oversea Container Line , ret.) & Mei,

source of origin, love, & mission

Mr. Joshua Chang,

who believes in the impossibles

Mrs. Orchid Lin-Chang,

source of my childhood joy

Mr. Carl & Dr. Lifu Chang,
Dr. N.Chang-Farkas & 
Mr. Willie Chang, the family who helped us with a new beginning

Mr. William & Mrs. Carol Barker,

O.C.C. of Sears (ret.)

Mr. & Mrs. James & Bette Reetzke

Assistant Principal and Teacher (ret.)

Mrs. Mei Fan,

Business Owner of Baskin Robins and Gift Shop (ret.)

Professor Aimee Strawn, 

Department Head of UIC Education (ret.)

Principal Alfonso Valtierra, (ret.)

at Galileo Academy of Math & Science

Mrs. Miarka Blanca,

Assistant Principal 

at Galileo Academy of Math and Science

Mrs. Emma Garay,

Teacher (Ret.) at Galileo Academy of 

Math and Science

Mrs. Esther Garay,

Teacher (Ret.) at Galileo Academy of 

Math and Science

Doctor Jill Gildea,

Superintendent at Fremont District 79,

2014 national superintendent of the year finalist , 

National Association of School Superintendents

"District 79 is using STEAM to get kids to explore science in after-school club More than 90 children in third to fifth grades attend the optional Fremont Elementary District 79's STEAM Teams program each week to explore the connections between science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  It is our responsibility to ensure that our youth are prepared to lead our country in the 21st century and compete in the global marketplace." 

~Superintendent  Doctor Jill Gildea

Read the complete article at:

District 79 using STEAM to get kids to explore science in ...


Dr.  Kara Coglianese,

Assistant Superintendent at Fremont District 79 (past)

Ms. Diana Sarlitto,

RTI Coach and Teacher

Mr. Matthew Foster,

Math Head Coordinator at 

WPS District 60,

Math Instructor at 

College of Lake Count

Mrs. Margret Van Duch, 

Fremont 79 Communication Coordinator

Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Kristin Costello,

STEAM TEAMS Fest Photographer, 

STEAM TEAMS Parent Volunteer Helper

Mrs. Elizabeth Coyne,

STEAM TEAMS  Parent Volunteer Helper 

Mr. & Mrs.  Brian & Debbie  Donahoe,
Fremont STEAM TEAMS Fest Photographer,
STEAM TEAMS Parent Volunteer Helper

Mrs. Heidi Fergen,

STEAM TEAMS Volunteer Helper

Mrs. Risa Weiss,

STEAM TEAMS Parent Volunteer Helper

Mrs. Anne Scheuer,

Librarian at Fremont Public Library

STEAMMers  &  Parents

at  Galileo Academy of Math & Science

STEAMMers & Parents at Fremont 79 

STEAMMers & Parents at Waukegan 60 

STEAMMers & Parents at Crystal Lake 67

All the Unsung 

Heros & Heroines

With Much Gratitude!

You Raise Me Up
Ralf Willing and his Multisound-Orchestra (Instrumental World Hits, Vol. 5)