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"On the African plain, infrasounds help elephants stay in touch with others in their group even when they are too far apart to see or smell one another."

7 Wondering Questions for you...
1.  "How do Homo sapiens hear?"
2.  "How would you create a graphic organizer to classify and compare the hearing similarities and differences in humans, animals and insects?"
3.  "Apply now what you have learned.  Imagine along with your family.  How different would it be for the family to communicate if you were:  in the outer space, on land, and undersea?"
4.  "What would it be like to hear nothing?"
5.  "What noble characters can we learn from this particular great composer during the Classical Period, despite of becoming deaf, persevered to compose, conduct and perform prized music compositions?"*
6.  "Think like a physician and an inventor. How would you innovate the listening-aids to help people to hear better?"
7.  "How would you use and take care of your own wondrous listening ears?  At home?  At school?  In the public?  By yourself?"
Your turn.  What other questions do YOU have about "LISTENING"?


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